Brad Munn 2020 Community Impact Award Winner

Brad Munn received The Community Impact Award for the Brandon Chamber of Commerce’s Gala Awards. Whether it’s a woman fleeing domestic violence, a child in Africa needing surgery, an orphan in the Dominican Republic needing food and shelter, a dog or cat in Manitoba, or a food bank in Brandon, among many other causes I […]

WestVic Common (34th & Victoria Ave) Commercial Opportunity


One Sheet of Plywood Dog House Plan

In the link above is the dog house plan I am finding best for building efficiently & quickly. Ideally, I would provide each reserve dog with an insulated dog house but I am finding that for time & money, this plan gives more dogs a home. I have been insulating the base of the dog […]

Peguis Dog House Trip

Devon LeBlanc & I took 18 insulated dog houses from Brandon to Peguis First Nation. We met Josh Muyal there who brought 5 more dog houses made by Shadows Mission. Dropped off the 23 dog houses to some dogs in need along with straw for bedding, heated water dishes, pallets for the houses to sit […]

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